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  1. Equipment
    Hey! I am new to CO2 injection and working on getting a good quality per dollar setup. I have acquired a victor hsr 2370 regulator from work for free. I was wondering how acceptable or some opinions on how easily it would be to make this work? I have read that victors are pretty good and seeing...
  2. Equipment
    Just found this regulator in my grandparents garage. It was used on a 20 lb o2 tank for my grandpa's old airbrush. Think its worth building into my Co2 setup? I bought a 24 oz paintball tank and filled it but just need some help with the rest. that will get the Co2 to the regulator but...
  3. Equipment
    So, I picked up a VTS 250 A on eBay the other day, and relegated the MicroMatic to 'backup' status. I changed the nipple and nut on the vts250 to CGA-320 for the CO2 tank. Now, here's the question I have: I'll set the low pressure to 5 psi, and adjust the Ideal needle valve to give me 2-3 bps...
1-3 of 13 Results