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  1. For Sale/Trade
    You are purchasing one of the plants shown in the picture. $14 ea + $7 flat rate shipping via USPS First Class. Shipping will be on Monday/Tuesday(occasionally Saturday) if weather permits. DOA Policy: Send picture(s) of the dead plant(s) within the unopened shipping bag within 3 hours of...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Took down a previous messy 40b scape... Now I'm stuck with plants I'm not using.... Shipping will start at $7 usps priority. Please mind your weather, will not be responsible for any plants doa. I've been very successful shipping all year long with no doas. Next ship day is Satuday...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    Next shipping date will be 01/04/14 Feel free to PM to place an order before then. Merry Christmas to everyone!! I will be re-scaping my entire 40 Gallon Breeder for the 2014 year!! :red_mouth I wont be needing a ton of plants from my tank. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. This will be...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    Merry Christmas Everyone! I would like to scape my 40b tank. So, getting rid of some plants for room! Shipping starts at $7 USPS Priority. Please mind your weather. The weather is getting colder and I will not be responsible for frozen/melted plants or USPS mishap. *HOLD FOR PICK UP...
1-4 of 4 Results