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  1. Equipment
    I just bought an Empire Co2 Tank and a regulator for my 6 gallon nano tank. My problem is that some work needs to be done with the connection between the tank and regulator. To begin, I need to add an adapter to change it from a paintball tank to CGA 320. The real challege is the angle of the...
  2. Equipment
    I'd like to buy a different more reliable water pump that I can set up with my wet dry filter with PVC. I found a classic mag drive pump with threaded in and outflows but the slowest GPH they offer is 500 GPH. My wet dry filter is rated for 300 GPH. So I figured out that a ball valve would allow...
  3. Equipment
    So, I recently bought a used CO2 setup (tank, regulator, solenoid, and needle valve) Getting the tank filled Friday, which will help me test the regulator. I plugged the solenoid in and it makes an obnoxious buzzing sound. It is rather corroded (lots of green and rust) and I do not trust it...
  4. Equipment
    will this match the output valve of this ?
  5. Equipment
    Hello everyone! I've been doing a low light set up for a while in a 10 gallon, but of course with everything in aquariums, all the small stuff is just a gateway to wanting to do more on a larger scale :tongue: I've acquired a 29 gallon tank from a friend, and I've upgraded the lighting fixture...
1-5 of 9 Results