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  1. Plants
    I'm trying to figure out which plants don't like excel. I know that Vals don't based on personal experience. Wondering about Subwassertang, various mosses (fissiden, xmas) and Blyxa Japonica? I noticed my sub looks a bit holey lately and wonder if it's excel related because I increased the dose...
  2. Plants
    Maybe someone can help me with my Val problem. They keep turning yellow and breaking off and eventually the entire stem dies. At first I thought it was not enough potassium, but I started dosing seachem Postassium and it's still happening. Do I need more nitrogen? I have no problem growing...
  3. Plants
    i've had vals for over a month now and they're still melting, even the new growth. new leaves would come out about 2 inches and then the tips would start melting. has anyone had a problem similar to this? i have a 10 gal, 15w t8 bulb on 10hrs a day, i dose equilibrium, KNO3 and KH2PO4, no co2...
1-3 of 10 Results