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  1. Plants
    I've had these (what I assume to be Val sp.) for a while now. They get really long, about 6ft and .5in thick. Recently, the largest plant put up this see pod. It developed and started to open up only a few inches off the substrate. Thoughts? I'm thinking it's a tiger val.
  2. Fish
    Hello! I am starting to stock my 20 long and wanted some opinions/feedback, I would also love some help with plants I am really hoping for to do a carpet in the front and some tall plants in back Equipment aqueon opti bright + Fluval 206 Flourite substrate Eheim Jagger Plants Glossostigma...
  3. Plants
    Got the plant from Petco about 3 weeks ago. It is sitting in a dirted tub at my yard. It gets direct morning sunlight for maybe an hour or two and then indirect sunlight for about other 6 more hours. I dont get why the plant is turning brown. Worst part is that it is sending out shoots that grow...
    I'm looking for sag, woudl really love some Sagittaria Platyphylla, any sag that is NOT dwarf sag would work-needs to be 10" or taller. Alternative I'll take leopard vals-again 10" range or more. I don't mine snails, natrual part of a tank eco system. Please pm me with clear photo(s) of the...
  5. Plants
    I've only recently (last 1.5 mos) started with plants in the tank. Originally I had only the LED's that came with my Marineland hood and my plants did "ok" but after getting a new light (BeamsWork) 96x6500 my plants went nuts. I began adding Flourish and saw even more radical growth but after...
1-5 of 5 Results