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  1. Lighting
    Hello all, Does any one know if two Philips Fluorescent 32W T8 48" Daylight (6500K) in a 4" T8 2L Shop Light would grow plants well? Lights: Fixture...
  2. Lighting
    I recently bought a 10 gallon starter kit that came with a 14w 4200k Hagen Sun Glo T8 flourescent tube. I was considering upgrading to an incandescent hood with two 23w 6500k Sylvania CFLs Would the upgrade be worth it? Has anyone had any experience with that type of Slyvania bulb?
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    G'day guys. I am going to upgrade my Aqua One AR850 165 liter aquarium to be able to keep plants a whole lot better, but I don't know what to buy! I know I will be wanting to replace the crappy filter with some sort of canister filter, but what one should I choose? (I am pretty much set on a...
  4. Lighting
    Is this too much light? Thanks for any input I started with two 160 lumen led's and a blue led bar over the tank. Later, I Velcro taped two F4T5 bulbs to the side of the cover. Very easy to take on and off. Then I got the crazy idea of putting a F15T8 w/ plant grow bulb. I know...
  5. Low Tech Forum
    So I inherited a 55 gallon and stepped up from my 20 gallon. Previously on my 20 I was running a GLO 2x24" T5HO and DIY CO2. I want to keep things simple on the 55 and eventually set the 20 back up as the high tech tank. The 55 I got came with a Tetra Whisper 60 and an old perfecto single T12...
1-5 of 7 Results