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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi guys! I keep most of my tanks on a metal shelving system designed for garage use. The shelving itself are small steel rods (think of an infant version of rebar) - it's one of the Husky industrial shelves from Home Depot. On the bottom shelf are two 10 gallon tanks (eventually the entire...
  2. Plants
    Can Anubias do well in a unheated room temperature tank? My fear is it might not like the cold, @ home the room temp will drop to 12c (53f) for most of the time during winter. plan setup for 100G 6ft barebottom show fancy goldfish.
  3. Fish
    Do you have any suggestions for fish for a 10 gallon planted unheated tank? Also how many should I keep, if they are schooling fish? The temp will vary from 80-60F during the year (not quickly of course!). The ambient room temperature is quite stable and changes very slowly, but the temp range...
1-3 of 3 Results