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  1. Low Tech Forum
    For those concerned about humus release from soils, I have some exciting results. Recently, I watched an aquascaping tank setup sponsored by the Raleigh Aquarium Society. Demonstrator used STS (Safe T Sorb), a gravel-like clay. The advantages of STS became clear: inexpensive ($7 for 40 lb...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    This morning I added enough FE to raise the amount of iron in my 55g tank to 1.0ppm. When I took a sample and tested it 10 hours after I added the Iron my levels were 0.07ppm. Before adding the Iron my levels were 0.04ppm. Could the added bentonite in my water be eating up the Iron I am...
  3. Low Tech Forum
    First my goal: Live plants, no CO2, 1.5 watts/gal, LOW MAINTENANCE AND MINIMAL WATER CHANGES. I have no delusions of winning an aquascape contest. I read Diana Walstad's book. I bought four different bags of soil, 3 different bags of cheap stuff and one bag of Miracle Grow Organic. I put...
1-3 of 3 Results