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  1. Fish
    Hi all! I've had my Betta since Spetember. I adopted him from another family but he started having this growth maybe in October? I first noticed it when I was trying to transfer him back to his tank and I think he landed on one of his hard tunnels. It's on both sides of his body. He's eating...
  2. Fish
    My gourami has a growth on it's tail. It is growing in a cluster of cysts that resemble a cluster of grapes when viewing from above. These cysts start tiny and red, but grow larger and turn black. The cluster like growth sounded like cauliflower disease, but they are not white. Do you think this...
  3. Fish
    I’ve just got back home from being away on business for 2 month's, i've had my girlfriend looking after my planted tank and obviously something has gone very very wrong. She called me about a week ago to tell me that a white pimple has appeared on my angelfish, the pimple protrudes from the...
1-3 of 3 Results