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  1. DIY
    hi, I saw few aquascaper with a GREAT natural looking tree. almost like bonsai kinda look. I've looked into my local fish seller, the wood does not shape the way I want.. I wonder how to achieve that? Thank you
  2. Aquascaping
    I've been thinking about doing a forest's edge/ meadow aquascape, but I'm not sure on what driftwood/wood people are using to achieve that awesome tree trunk look. I thought spider wood at first, but I think it would be to light in color and not straight enough... Tank will be a 30 long, 1/3rd...
  3. Aquascaping
    I'm working on my first scape. I've been attempting to make a moss tree with Java Moss and a small stick. It's filling in nicely, but it's kind of "disappearing". And of course it was meant to be the focal point of the tank. The Rotala growing behind it is almost the same colour and with...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Intro: I remember reading that Amano often reflected on memories of his childhood when he would design his layouts. I decided to take Amano's approach as advice. Even if this meant taking a break from aquascaping. A Little Background: You see I wanted to return to my childhood roots of...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Anyone have a source for bonsai driftwood? I want to use it for a moss tree like the one pictures below. Looking for something in Toronto/Canada or something that can be shipped to me. Thanks :)
  6. Aquascaping
    So, I just got this 40G and was setting it up, and taking down my previous planted tank - a 29G that I had been playing with. So I had made a little "arch" using Java Moss between a couple layers of plastic mesh, and it had grown quite a bit and looked nice, so I thought it would be nice to do...
  7. Aquascaping
    Is ash wood safe for aquariums? And if it is, do I need to dry it or do anything special to it? Due to an emerald ash borer infestation my husband had to cut down two beautiful but nearly dead trees. Some of the branches are pretty neat. I know I'd have to remove the bark and scrape the outer...
  8. Aquascaping
    What would you guys suggest for a moss tree in a nano (just over 2 gallon) tank that will have no CO2 and medium lighting? Something that attaches nicely to wood and doesn't look super messy...Thanks!
  9. Virginia
    hi all im new to this site and i have a question ive read around about how to make my own driftwood but im having trouble finding twigs and such suitable for makeing a moss bonsai tree any twig i do find the branches are too small to strip the bark off of and i cant use a lot of the commercial...
  10. The Lounge & Introductions
    does any one know of any good reading material i can look thru or a decent forum for bonsai trees. i really want one but know nothing about them, and i dont really have any usefull experience with terestrial plants. i dont want to get one and kill it because i'm an idiot. :icon_wink
  11. Aquascaping
    Does anyone know how people build gorgeous little "trees" out of driftwood and moss? What does the moss actually attach to? Also, what's the easiest way to attach moss to driftwood? I've only used thread before and it was supposed to dissolve but it never did :( Thinking of setting up a 5 gallon...
1-11 of 15 Results