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  1. Colorado
    Will trade 2 pair Endlers Lime Green Lighting for (4) any color Neocaridina davidi shrimp. The Endlers females will probably be pregnant adults and the males will have color. I'll also try to also give you two fry or adolescence with no sex guarantee. These have been raised in a heavy planted...
  2. Colorado
    I am trying to get rid of (an estimate) of 100 stems of Rotala Indica, I will post a pic later. All are an average 6-8 inches in height. I live in CO Springs and would love to trade for anubias, shrimp, blyxxa japonica, etc OR just sell. I really just need it gone to plant other plants.
  3. Florida
    I have a bunch of pure strain endlers (40) for trade. I'm looking to get some cardinal tetras or low light plants for them. I'm in Miami so let me know if any one is interested.
  4. Oregon
    I have 5 Zebra Loaches that I am looking to sell or trade. Anybody interested?
  5. Florida
    Hi! My boyfriend and I live in Miami, Florida. We currently have a 75 gallon planted tank and 55 gallon cichlid tank. My boyfriend and I want to upgrade the 55 gallon to a larger fish tank so that there is more room for our fish. I was wondering if anyone was looking to downsize and would...
  6. California
    I have a bunch of stuff for sale some for freshwater some for salt I want to sell these items and/or trade for these items things I'm willing to trade for (fire red shrimp,crystal red shrimp, rili shrimp, red or orange cherry shrimp etc..., plant fertilizers, corals, plants) PM me what you...
  7. Connecticut
    I live in Mystic, looking for locals that want to trade clipping and/or fry. Anybody around?
  8. Kentucky
    Okay guys, here's the idea: Have two swaps near the same time, but on either side of the state in fairly accessible places, say Owensboro (or possibly Madisonville) and Lexington for example. I'm willing to do a lot of legwork on the more Eastern end, since that's where I am, but we're gonna...
1-8 of 36 Results