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  1. Substrate
    I read tons of threads over the past year prepping for a planted tank this summer and I started to mineralize. Well, I got my threads and soils mixed up and now, after almost completing the wetting and drying cycle for for MTS, I realized that I am using MGOCPS. I have tried to go through to...
  2. Plants
    As the title asks, I was wondering if anyone has used the dry-start method with Marsilea minuta. I'm planning a slow-growing 80g tank using anubias, java fern, bolbitis, and the likes. I'm also trying out MTS, with kitty litter and eco-complete. I was just wondering if anyone has had experience...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have had a 29 gal tank for years. I have had live plants for years too. Recently I have decided to use soil to help bring more natural nutrients to the plants. I am planning on mineralizing it before putting it in the tank. I have found many places that say how to do this and many have...
  4. Substrate
    Hi all, I'm entering a whole new world of crazy; tomorrow I'll be starting an emersed growing setup, for some nice plants I'd like to have on hand but don't have a way of working into my setups at the moment. I'm mostly winging it; going to grab some T8 bulbs and a fixture from home depot...
  5. Substrate
    In the MTS sticky this site: is suggested as a source of clay for MTS. Which of their dry clays would it be best to use? Here's a description of what's in each clay:
  6. Substrate
    I'm on my 4th wet/dry cycle for some MTS and it seems to be nothing but sand now. It isn't light and fluffy like people have said it's supposed to be, it feels like dry sand. When it's wet, it smells like wet playsand. I used a WalMart brand of topsoil since there are no gardening or landscape...
  7. Substrate
    Is it okay to use topsoil straight out of the bag without the wetting, drying, and re-wetting part? The tank is a 10g and will have a sand cap.
1-7 of 7 Results