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  1. Equipment
    I want to set up a small planted tank using DIY CO2. For convenience sake I want to use a electric solenoid valve plugged into a timer so it turns off at night. Something like this...
  2. Lighting
    Hey guys, I was having a bad algae problem in my 10 gallon (blue green and diatoms). The tank is only 26 days old and I have been algae free for only the last 5 days. I tried adjusting one thing at a time to find what was causing it: more co2, higher fertz, less light, etc. I think I may...
  3. Lighting
    Let's see some pictures of your timer setups. I made the mistake of buying the coralife power center which only lets you program one set of outlets for the same time, and I figured what better way to get ideas than ask people to share. Extra points if you include the name of your timer in your...
  4. Lighting
    Hey, since I got pretty decent help regarding my CO2 problem, I'll launch a question regarding lightning too. How do you calculate lightning period? How many hours per day? I actually have little issue with plants and algae. From what I read main cause of the algae I have is bad CO2, wich I'm...
  5. Equipment
    I'm getting a regulator on Sunday, and hope to have the CO2 flowing soon. From what I've read, people have the gas turn on at a different time from the lights (can someone confirm the order and time difference?). I'm thinking a digital timer would work best, and I'm wondering what you use.
  6. Lighting
    I guess I have a few questions. What is the deal with LED fixtures? I read that they are now priced equal to T5s. That's great news. Now I can tell my wife that the tank upgrade is for environmental reasons. OK, the real question is, what brand provides the best bang for your buck? The...
  7. Equipment
    I have been needing to get a timer for my co2 and lights. I bought a Brinks one and it never worked. Which ones do you use and can I plug a power strip into it so I can control my lights and solenoid at the same time. I have seen the Coralife power strips but they are kind of pricey.
  8. Equipment
    from what i have read, the solenoid is used to connect to a timer so when my lights go out my co2 goes out too. can i skip the solenoid and just turn the tank off at night? then open it again the next day to the same pressure on the high pressure gauge? ...i understand this idea may seem totally...
1-8 of 9 Results