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  1. Fish
    12 small Tiger barbs currently 1" and a small Rainbow Shark currently 2" in a 40Gal tank? The tank has a wet/dry filter, a large sponge filter and circulation is very good. I've routed the flow so that it comes in on one side, flows across the tank >> out and \\\\down into the sponge and then...
  2. Fish
    Hey guys, hope you're all having a fine Monday. Anyways, I have 8 tiger barbs in a 20 planted long. They started off aggressive, but now are as chill as can be. I was thinking of adding some Zebra Danios to the mix. I heard they get along fine and usually just mind their own business. Should...
  3. Fish
    I usually do my research before getting fish, but one time I saw green tiger barbs in the store and they looked so cool I got 6 of them for my 55 gallon community tank. Well, within a few weeks, all but one disappeared. A few months later, I got 6 more. The same thing happened. Then a few months...
  4. Fish
    Hello Everyone I am a new tank owner. I have recently added my first set of fish, Tiger Barbs. I purchased them, knowing they are moderately aggressive and well aware that I will have to be selective in choosing tank mates. Looking for any knowledgeable advice regarding what sorts of fish they...
  5. Fish
    Are they both Male, both female? Or which one is which? See attached photos. Breeding is difficult? easy?
  6. Aquascaping
    Sorry I'm new.. I posted this same thread in the wrong forum. I am starting up a Tiger barb tank (7-8 tb)..I'm in the third stage of cycling. I'll also have a firemouth cichlid and rtbs in with them. I was wondering what types of decorations tb's like? I don't have a green thumb so artificial...
1-6 of 7 Results