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  1. Tank Journals
    Just thought I'd start another tank journal for my 10 gallon which was set up ~4 days ago. It looks much prettier than my 40 gallon (Most likely because of experience and cost). I have 21 Stems on S. Repens on the way for carpeting :) Don't ask for plant names because I have no idea :)...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 10 gallon aquarium and currently have a single 15W sunlight balance bulb for lighting. i know that this is not enough light for my plants and am looking to upgrade my lighting to something that's going to give me plenty of light for my plants. i have a dwarf hair grass and a small patch...
  3. Tank Journals
    Current FTS: 3/15/13 Hello, I'm a new member here so I think ya'll deserve a little introduction. I'm a Sophomore college student at OSU, and I've always been a huge fan of the hobby. I think my dad is to blame for that. He taught me betta breeding when I was younger, and during my high school...
  4. The Lounge & Introductions
    Greetings, I wanted to share my 10 Gallon Reef Tank Live Rock setup. My setup is only 3 days old. You can see my dead rock in the background. I will be adding more dead rocks to be seeded and I am thinking of adding some zoanthid polyps, ricordea, mushrooms, frogspawn (euphyllia) as well as...
  5. Tank Journals
    Hey all. I have been into planted tanks for many years, but have not actively worked on an aquarium for about 2 years. Unfortunately, I came to find that I was really noobing it up on my earlier tanks, and now i'm hoping to redeem myself a bit. I've been lazy about making the journal, but I'll...
  6. Substrate
    Does anyone know what depth level I should make a sand bed in a 10 gallon tank? I currently have 2 - 2 1/2 inches in the bottom and it seems to be a little much. I'm planting it too, so I can't have the sand too shallow. I'm thinking about 1 - 1 1/2 inches, should that work?
  7. Tank Journals
    Yet another new scape for my trusty ten gallon tank. It took about twenty minutes to put it all together, and even though I would've liked a higher slope in the back-left (I'm currently out of Aqua Soil), I think the scape looks good. A black background will likely be added. Besides that, I...
1-7 of 7 Results