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  1. Plants
    Hello! I'm new to joining Planted Tank but not new to using it's threads to help me answer questions haha :) I have some Taiwan Moss that I want to attach itself to this Tiger Wood "tree". I used sewing (cotton) thread, and that hasn't dissolved yet, but I am afraid that by the time that it...
  2. Plants
    I just received a few golfballs of taiwan moss, but it's all pretty dark green. Some strands are greyish brown. How do I get it to become a brighter green, and how long will it take? Also, are the greyish brown strands 100% dead, or is that capable of reviving?
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Cause you guys still take plant IDs in here, right? Microscope picture: LAAARRRGE picture of some diffrent mosses I have, Moss in question at the upper left. Some mystery moss that I think is taiwan on the right, Wonky...
1-3 of 16 Results