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taiwan moss
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  1. Plants
    Hello! I'm new to joining Planted Tank but not new to using it's threads to help me answer questions haha :) I have some Taiwan Moss that I want to attach itself to this Tiger Wood "tree". I used sewing (cotton) thread, and that hasn't dissolved yet, but I am afraid that by the time that it...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Bolbitis heudelotii securely attached to lava rock by its roots. Easy care. Low to high light. a. $12, single rock, many leaves b. $10 for both rocks c. $8 for both rocks d. $7 for both rocks e. $12 for both rocks Let me know which bunch you'd like...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    All plants are algae-free. Purple bamboo (Poeceae sp. “Purple bamboo”), emersed SOLD OUT Bunch (5 stems) for $7. 0 available Taiwan moss, Taxiphylum alternans Very thick golfballs, $5/ea. 18 available. Buy four get one free. Nymphoides sp. "Taiwan" Large mother plant as pictured, $12. 1...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    Purple bamboo (Poeceae sp. “Purple bamboo”) SOLD OUT: Bunch (5 stems) for $6. None available. Taiwan moss (Taxiphyllum alternans) SOLD OUT: $5 very thick golfball, 0/10+ available. Buy four get one free. Shipping via USPS Priority, $6. Payment via PayPal.
    :hihi: My moss needed a good trimming Just pay shipping $7 Make a numbered list 1.2..3... I will pick random winner tomorrow afternoon You will have till midnight tomorrow to send PayPal payment, or another winner will be randomly drawn :icon_excl Good luck :smile:
  6. For Sale/Trade
    Now I'm having extra mosses want to sell. I have the freshwater Süßwassertang (Round pellia), Java moss, Christmas moss, Taiwan moss, and Flame moss for sale. This is perfect to use for freshwater fish/shrimp tank. Rare Regular Christmas, Taiwan, and/or Flame moss cost: $8 per portion...
    Hi, I do have some extra of both kind floaters, which will have enough for 3 people to have. I will put mix of some floaters into a small size sandwich ziploc to mail out (US only). There are might be some xmas moss, taiwan moss, java moss, and/or unknown plant add in too. If you are new...
  8. For Sale/Trade
    QUICK SELL! Extra Green! Extra Fresh! ALGAE FREE! 3 Nice Size Golfballs of Taiwan Moss - $20 (USPS Priority Shipping Included) 3 Packages Remaining Thanks, Mike
  9. For Sale/Trade
    Its True! Im going to Disney Land for the very first time! i'll be leaving this Sunday 7/28/13. So, last day to ship out will be Saturday 7/27/13. I'll be gone until August 19, 2013. All plants are kept free of algae and snails! Pogostemon Helferi 'Downoi' (Little Star) - $30 Shipped for 6...
  10. WTB/RAOK
    Hello Im looking to buy some crystal red shrimp and Taiwan Moss, preferably in the same package. I have $30 to spend. Please PM me with any offers. Pictures would be great. I would like to order tonight. Thank you.:bounce:
  11. For Sale/Trade
    Got a few portions of Taiwan Moss for sale. $5 per (generous) golf ball Also, a few portions of Rotala Indica up for sale. you will get approximately 8 stems 6" or better. $5 each. I have quite a bit of water lettuce and duckweed as well. For $5 I can send you a huge portion of either or a...
  12. For Sale/Trade
    Got some Taiwan Moss that needs to go. 1-2 Golfballs $6 each 3-5 Golfballs $5 each shipping is $6 via priority no matter how many you buy. Pic from a few weeks ago
  13. Plants
    I just received a few golfballs of taiwan moss, but it's all pretty dark green. Some strands are greyish brown. How do I get it to become a brighter green, and how long will it take? Also, are the greyish brown strands 100% dead, or is that capable of reviving?
  14. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    Hey guys Moving next week so I need these gone!!!! Cyperus Helferi 3$/plant ----- 1-2 available Pogostemon Erectus 1$/stem ----- might have some more. Staurogyne Bihar 1.50$/stem ----- 4 massive stems available Blyxa Japonica 0.50$/stem ----- 10-20 available Eichhornia Diversifolia 1$/stem...
  15. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    Need Taiwan moss. Please reply with offer. :)
  16. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Cause you guys still take plant IDs in here, right? Microscope picture: LAAARRRGE picture of some diffrent mosses I have, Moss in question at the upper left. Some mystery moss that I think is taiwan on the right, Wonky...
1-16 of 16 Results