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  1. Fish
    He's either a Double Tail or Halfmoon. I'm not completely sure though:
  2. Fish
    Is it normal for an Albino Shark to lose and gain his color daily? I currently have a 65 gallon tank with: 1 Albino Rainbow Shark 6 Tiger Barbs 2 Siamese AE 4 xray Tetras 3 Hatchet Fish My Rainbow shark has deep red fins and tail. However only at 8am. Come 3pm the red has became pale, and...
  3. Fish
    I bought two Otos two days ago and one of them is very hyper- he doesn't seem to be able to sit still for very long. He was active at the store, so I'm not sure if this is just part of his natural personality or if there's something bothering him. His tail is ragged, but I haven't been able to...
  4. Fish
    i want to know wich type of fishes will go with a rainbow shark
1-4 of 4 Results