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  1. Fish
    This is a long one but i urgently need help. I have a 10g moderatly-heavily planted tank with 5 endlers. 3 tigers and 2 french blue stars The tigers have been in for around 3 weeks or so and one of them had some tail damage but I thought it would go away. One of the newer French blue star...
  2. Fish
    This is my Scarlet Badis. A few days ago, I noticed this on her tail and I'm not sure what it is. Shes in a 3 gallon tank with 6 neocardinia shrimp and I have a sponge filter going. She's acting completely normal and feeding/hunting well. I was told it was columnaris, but I would have expected...
  3. Fish
    Hey guys, I've been treating my fish for fin rot (the outbreak followed a case of ich.) It was successful for the most part, but one neon tetra's tail still looks damaged, and there is no sign of improvement. I've done a full cycle of Triple Sulfa, gave the fish a break while running activated...
1-3 of 3 Results