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  1. Substrate
    Currently, I am using black Tahitian Moon sand (example). I'm thinking the roots could get more nutrients with more space in between the particles of substrate. Is there a "big-grain" sand? Are there substrates with nutrients for plants consisting of very small particles?
  2. Tank Journals
    Here's my 25g that I set up a few days ago. The substrate is MTS capped with black sand with some RootMedic thrown in for good measure. It also has an AquaClear 50 filter, 65w CoraLife light, 50w Stealth heater, and DIY CO2. Unfortunately, all the plants came from my 55g emersed tank in their...
  3. Substrate
    So I've heared about using trumpet snails to stir up the sand but I don't want them in this tank. I was wondering if anything else out there at leasts skims the surface. Maybe some version of a bleny or goby? Any other fauna suggestions? :fish:
1-3 of 3 Results