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  1. Lighting
    Looking for suggestions/experience for a good budget 24" Dual T5 retro fit kit with parabolic SLR's. Did some googling, but nothing beats experience. Thanks!:)
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey all, I'm pretty new here, I have kept fish for a few years but I have never really gone high tech with plants, I have tried a few times with disastrous results. I have googled but I can't find any specifics to help me, so I thought I would ask! My tank is: Dimensions...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi I have a t5 with 2 39watt bulbs. I was wondering what plants I could put in my 46 gallon bowfront. I currently am think about planting: Italian Val Micro sword Rose sword Amazon sword Red tiger lily Water sprites Any help would be appreciated because I am not sure how to use the lighting...
  4. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I'm running 3 cups of sugar in a gallon juice jug DIY generator for ~1/2 bps with chopstick diffuser into my 24" tall 40 gal. With 2 T5HOs 22" over the substrate running 6.5 hrs each with 3 hr overlap blast I might need more CO2 or less light. Drop checker & 4 dKH are on the way. I can add...
  5. Lighting
    I have a 37 Gallon (30 1/4 wide x 12 1/2 wide x 22 3/4 tall) tank that I am heavily planting with plants that require high light. I am looking for recommendations for T5 lighting (24"). I have a wooden canopy that is above a glass fitted top. I would like to know what brand of T5 lighting is...
  6. Lighting
    I have a 29 g tank presently with a 65 W Coral Life Power Compact and I have plants right now but all I have been able to really grow are amazon swords and other low light plants. I'm looking at upgrading, but don't know if I should just go with 2X65 W power compact or instead go with a T5...
1-6 of 7 Results