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t5 light
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  1. For Sale/Trade
    For sale, 24" Odyssea T5 Quad fixture. Not HO. 4 bulbs included. Includes programmable timer. Great for low-light tank. Used for less than a year. $25 OBO. Local Los Angeles area pickup only please.
  2. Plants
    My lighting consists of 3 T5's and one LED strip which has helped me grow some luscious plants. The T5's are about 6 months old and are run 8 hours a day. I've noticed recently that my background plants are no longer growing vertically but are now starting to 'lean' towards the foreground. Does...
  3. Lighting
    Im thinking about trying to do a planted tank again. I am looking at using a 65g thats 24.5" tall. I am probably just looking at some swords and driftwood to go with some severums. I have this light fixture now...
1-3 of 3 Results