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  1. Lighting
    Hello All, it's been a while since I've written here. I could use some help. I have a 8 year old Aquatic Life Light T5 HO 4-Lamp 36-Inch unit. About 2-3 times a week one bank (or both) won't come on. Cycling through the power (on/auto/off) will eventually get the bank on. Per tech support...
  2. California
    Hey PT! Im selling my tank, stand and light due to an upgrade. Tank is a 55 Gallon with brand new stand. Lights are Coralife T5 HO with a couple bulbs in it now. Im selling everything together for 300 or 150 for each individually. Must pickup. Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day.
  3. Lighting
    Hi Guys, Recently i have setup planted aquarium with the TOPFIN 20 gallon aquarium starter kit. I dont see the growth of my plants in the aquarium suggest me if the LED lights which are included in the starter kit on TOPFIN will be sufficinet for the planted aquarium or should I get a new...
  4. Lighting
    This thread is for the people who is an old style and likes to use T5 more than led lights. So can those people who are using that kind of lighting share thare experience in mixing different bulbs to get the best lighting systems. Your experience is worthy for everyone :icon_idea Bump: And...
  5. Lighting
    Hi everyone!! I have decided to add some live plants to my 55 gal angel tank! I have added Eco complete substrate. My husband surprised me with upgraded lighting for my tank! My question is whether or not I need to change the bulbs for best plant growth. I'm wanting to keep low-moderate light...
  6. Lighting
    Got the Freshwater Aquatic Life T5 HO 2 bulb 39w fixture. One of the bulbs went in one week amazing, needless to say I got two new bulbs from the vendor as both bulbs have to be working for the fixture to work. If one bulb doesn't work both bulbs won't work.
  7. Lighting
    Does anyone ever had a problem with algae using a T5 HO light fxture on a 20 gallon long tank. I ordered a 30" Aquaticlife dual T5 HO fixture and I'm worried about algae. and it seems that the coralife aqualight is the only T5NO fixtures around these days.
  8. Low Tech Forum
    I currently have a 45G breeder tank, which is 36"Lx12"Wx 24"D. it's fully established for a year with low/medium stock of fish including 10 cardinal tetras, 8 rasboras, 3 cory cats, 2 albino plecos and 2 bolivian rams. I currently have poolfilter sand substrate with some anubias, marimo moss...
  9. Lighting
    So I recently purchased a Nova Extreme 48" T5HO 54wx2 (108w) Fixture (Seen Here) with the intention of using it on a 55 gallon I am in the process of setting up. Prior to buying it I was going by watts per gallon, and only now found out that apparently the T5HO's don't exactly comply with the...
  10. Lighting
    I am planning on redoing my tank (50 gallons, 39.5" length X 15" width X 19.5" height)- I would like it to be high tech or at least grow plants that can be demanding (Rotala, hair grass, Pogostemon stellata, Ludwigia arcuata, etc..). I do have pressurized C02 and will be dosing Ferts via E.I...
  11. Lighting
    I'm considering getting a Hagen GLO T5 HO fixture for my 55g. Do I have to use the GLO bulbs, or can I use a different brand? If I could get a different brand, what would you recommend? Also, I noticed these bulbs tend to have high K-ratings. Will that be a problem for my plants?
  12. Lighting
    im just getting into planting tanks..this is going to be my first one and didnt want to spent a fortune. found this light on aquatraders. [had the website here then i read that im not allowed to post other sites or somehitng like that] it was 45$..60$ after anyone familar with...
  13. Lighting
    Hi All, this is my first post to TPT but this forum is amazing. I am putting together a new 55g tank that I received from a friend. I will be getting plants from the same person and most of them can tolerate low-light but grow faster under medium to high-light. I was searching the forums and...
1-13 of 13 Results