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    *** ALL SOLD *** Aquatic plant that is fairly new to the hobby and only a handful who has it still... A Syngonanthus that grows compact/smaller than its cousin, Syngonanthus caulescens... Same care and requirements like the other Syngonanthus spp... First time you will see it FS as I need to...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    My tank is due for a trim and thinning. I have the following plants for sale. 5 Eriocaulon Polaris, $10per 1 Eriocaulon Lineare $10per 3 Eriocaulon Vietnam $5per 5 Syngonanthus Belem $3/stem or 5 for $13 10 Rotala Indica "Bonsai" $3/stem or 10 for $25 10 Rotala Mexicana Goias $1/stem All...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    All plants are grown submersed in CO2 injected tank, very healthy & clean with virtually no algae, but may have snails. Eriocaulon setaceum $3 ea, 6 for $15 (sold out) Syngonanthus sp madeira : $3 ea, 6 for $15 (sold out) Syngonanthus sp belem : $3 ea, 6 for $15 Tonina fluviatilis "Lotus...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    Hello Everyone! I’m revamping my 60P and as such have some plants to thin out. In addition I have some equipment as well. Prices do NOT include shipping! (See shipping information at bottom of post) Equipment: (Approx. 8 months of use on both, Lily pipes) 1 x Cal Aqua Labs - Efflux F3 -...
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1-5 of 5 Results