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    Looking for someone local to swap some stock with to keep a little genetic diversity in my colony. Anyone near the Rogue Valley interested?
  2. Massachusetts
    So this post is to gauge people's interest in having our second plant swap. Is it too early to start planning the next one? We were thinking quarterly, right? So judging by the upcoming auctions, the biggest break we'll have coming up is between BAS on Oct 27 and DAAS on Jan 19 (assuming that...
  3. UK
    Anyone in Oxfordshire up for swapping/sharing ideas or cuttings etc etc?
  4. Massachusetts
    Attempt #2 EVENT: a simple meetup/swap, and we can also stop in dreamer_yoyo's shop and give her some business DATE: Sunday, August 25 TIME: 5:00-6:00 PM I figure an hour is plenty of time for everyone to be able to be there at once, it can always go longer, not like anyone is going to be...
  5. Illinois
    Any upcoming Swap Meets?
  6. South Carolina
    1st Annual Carolina Aquatics Trade Show proceeds benefit the SCAA a not for profit organization(- Home) Saturday, January 19th, 2013 11am until 5pm Campus Life Center Ballroom at USC Upstate $2.00 general admission, kids are free Interested in being a vendor? Visit our site or PM me directly...
  7. Kentucky
    Okay guys, here's the idea: Have two swaps near the same time, but on either side of the state in fairly accessible places, say Owensboro (or possibly Madisonville) and Lexington for example. I'm willing to do a lot of legwork on the more Eastern end, since that's where I am, but we're gonna...
  8. Colorado
    I am overrun by Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes), Java Moss, guppy grass (Najas guadalupensis) and Anacharis (Elodea or Egeria). The water lettuce is tank raised and is a magnificent tank cleaner, In the tank it stays smaller, huge root system, and it spreads very well. I just put some outside...
  9. Substrate
    Hello! Newbie to, but not to aquariums or forums though. Nice to meet you all! Well, down to business, I've finally had it with the playsand substrate. After a large tank re-scape due to finally getting rid of BGA a sudden bloom of Diatoms came. Coating the plants and glass...
  10. Ohio
    we're bringing java fern tident needle leaf narrow leaf lobelia cardinalis small form hygro "Araguaia" najas "Roramia" red root floater salvinia oblongifolia anubias nana petite more.... fish: melanotaenia parva mops and juvies black chin livebearers xenotoca variata tinanti brichardi...
1-10 of 10 Results