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  1. Equipment
    Maybe someone here knows, it's time to clean it and I misplaced its manual. From what I can see, the pump should move up or down the square tube with open ends, but now it stuck. Thanks.
  2. Equipment
    I attempted to design an intake for my Penn Plax Cascade that would work as both a surface skimmer and a regular intake simultaneously. I grabbed some PVC and cut long thin triangle slits around the top to make a typical surface skimmer, then attached a Tee to the bottom of the pipe. I then put...
  3. DIY
    To combat the ugly bio-film and the white line on my glass I bought a lily pipe that claimed to stop bio-film forming. It doesn't work as advertise! I started looking into surface skimmers, but they are all bulky and ugly. After some hours of google-fu I came up with the solution. An add-on...
1-3 of 4 Results