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sunsun canister filter
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  1. Equipment
    I'm thinking about possibly trying out a Sunsun HW 302 for a tank upgrade. I do have a few questions though. 1. Does the out put rotate around different directions in the tank? 2. Does it only come with a spraybar? 3. Does the spraybar actually spray all the way down? I've had bad luck with...
  2. Equipment
    Hey All. I am first time poster and a long time reader of these Forums. After reading through many posts I am torn between what type of reactor to build or buy for my aquarium. I recently upgraded from a diy yeast CO2 system to a pressure regulated CO2 system with a #5 tank on a 29 gallon...
  3. Equipment
    I have a Sun Sun 302 canister filter and i need the water level lower than what it is. I looked at many DIY canister intake and bought everything, I made the intake and it isn't working. Any advice on how I can fix this.
  4. Tank Journals
    As the title says, I've been away from freshwater for 6 years and it seems like you guys have been busy. I'm starting up a new tank and want to try my hand at some basic aquascaping. Bare with me, I'm no artist. I know threads are usually more exciting when there's a complete story from start to...
  5. Equipment
    Just bought the sunsun 302 pro kit, can I put the trays back in wrong? I'm seeing sand come out the out take sometimes when a Cory is over by it. Wondering if the filter trays go in a certain way, I have the holes lined up all the way to the lid. Can I have them turned wrong? My water I still...
  6. Equipment
    So........ I've always wanted a canister filter and just found out about SunSun so I bought one yay! I hooked it up got it running and I love it :icon_mrgr Now, um.. how do you stop the flow on it to clean it/add more media? This is my first one ever so.. no idea what I'm doing but hey I...
1-6 of 6 Results