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  1. Plants
    Can anyone identify what's going on with my Repens? My weekly dose: NO3 = 3.5ppm PO4 = 7ppm K = 24-30ppm Ca = 45ppm (due to low Ca on my tap water). During WC, only added to the water changed) Mg = 6ppm Iron 0.12ppm CO2 = 2 hours. Almost yellow when the light begins. Almost 1d Ph drop...
  2. Plants
    I did not invest in some good lightning set nor do I have co2, but that won't be necessary other than the lights since I'm going low tech. For the moment, my LFS is selling the plants for dirt cheap, so I thought I'd buy a handful amount before they go out of stock. Would putting the plants half...
  3. Low Tech Forum
    I am new to the forum, want to share my aquarium. Please comment, Cheers! Click image for larger version. Name: IMG_0023_small.jpg Natural Style Aquarium Click image for larger version. Name: IMG_0014_small.jpg Filter System with Aquaponics Click image for larger version. Name...
1-4 of 4 Results