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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    So, basically i rushed into buying a nano tank weeks after setting up my first non-planted tank! I wanted to make this one a low-tech dirted tank but when the fish on the other tank began to die, I put every thing on hold with this one. I had already sprinkled about two dozen single seeds of...
  2. Low Tech Forum
    Hello Guys, First of all I am a completely new to the planted setup. I am setting up a new 42 Gallon Planted tank. The dimension are L 30" X D 18" X H 18". I want to start pretty low tech setup with diy Co2 with yeast, sugar, baking soda formula. I have already purchased few items like...
  3. Aquascaping
    Any suggestions, tips, or advice for my aquascape are welcomed! Thank you
  4. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    After getting my water report for 2013 and seeing nirtrates never got above 2 ppm and the many times I tested tap always showed over 20ppm (that red-orange color) and doing this with 3 different nitrate kits I'm questioning the quality of API. I tested the kit against a distilled (definitely...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I am working on what I believe to be a pretty ambitious project. this tank is a 55 gallon "standard" tank that I got at the petco dpg sale and now I'm finally seting it up months later. For this tank, I am really going all out. I was going to pick a theme for it. Not just a regular theme but...
  6. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Hello! I'm starting a riparium project, but this will be my first one. I'm not really going for fancy, just fun! :) The background is mainly going to be peace lilies. What are some great midground or trellis-growing plants that I can use for a riparium setup? Please and thank you!
  7. Low Tech Forum
    Ok so here’s the deal I currently have a 6‘long X 1.5’wide X 2’deep 130 gallon tank with 2 36” T12 life-glo bulbs. I have some amazon swords that are doing pretty good I guess and I have a few other plants that aren’t doing all that well so I want to upgrade my lighting but I don’t want to spend...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    hello all , im new to planted tanks. Ive been in the hobby for close to ten years now, and like many other have decided that i hate fake plants and decorations, and want the look of a real natural looking tank, how else to acomplish this that by using real and natural plants and decorations...
1-8 of 9 Results