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  1. New York
    Selling subwassertang golf balls $4/ea. 3 portions available. Local Pickup: Bay Terrace Shopping Center. May contain mini ramshorn snails, so do a dip before adding if you do not want them.
  2. Plants
    I'm ready to tear down a tank that recently had an outbreak of COLUMNARIS that just wont go away even after meds and water changes. I want to try and save all the mosses (fissdens, xmas, flame and subwassertang. I've been growing in it. What's the best way to disinfect them for another setup...
  3. New York
    Hey guys I have about 3 golf ball sized subwassertang. I have been growing in the tank and then in a Jar for a few weeks now. Anyone would like to trade for Moss or anything else? Local would be great.
  4. Plants
    I'm trying to figure out which plants don't like excel. I know that Vals don't based on personal experience. Wondering about Subwassertang, various mosses (fissiden, xmas) and Blyxa Japonica? I noticed my sub looks a bit holey lately and wonder if it's excel related because I increased the dose...
  5. Plants
    Does anyone have any advice on how to use this plant to make a wall like a moss wall? I have seen a few pictures, but no tutorials or anything. I would think the squares of the mesh would need to be quite large for it to grow properly. I just have some standard craft mesh right now. Would...
  6. Plants
    I have pellia (or subwassertang?) and Fissidens splachnobryoides coming in the mail, ordered for me as a gift. Are these plants demanding as far as light, co2, and ferts go? I dose excel and ferts right now and will soon have diy Co2, I'm afraid these plants might melt. Thanks!
  7. Plants
    Curious as to how to ship Subwassertang properly, this will be my first time shipping anything like this and need to send out about 3 golfballs of java moss and about 1 of subwassertang. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
21-28 of 40 Results