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  1. Substrate
    Hi guys this is my first post here so idk if im doing anything wrong or not but anyway, I have just plain old gravel and i wanted to switch to eco complete but i am unsure how. i know that a lot of bacteria live in the substrate and getting rid of it can cause a mini cycle, which i want to...
  2. Substrate
    Just bought a couple bags of eco-complete for a new tank. Do I drain the water from the bag first, or just dump the entire bag into the tank?
  3. Substrate
    For those of you interested. I was able to get 20lb bags for 17.99 plus tax online. Cheapest I could find anywhere.
  4. Substrate
    Hi all I posted a question the other day about using my two 20lb bags of eco-complete with a black sand cap. I have been reconsidering the color scheme of the very dark substrate. I was thinking of using a more natural river stone colored gravel and black sand with the eco-complete. I figure...
1-4 of 5 Results