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  1. Aquascaping
    I've watched the video on the making of James Findley's Altitude aquascape several times. It describes mixing ADA Aquasoil and Power Sand to prevent compression. I'm not clear on how a mix like that prevents compaction. Can anyone explain how it prevents compaction. Has anyone done this or...
  2. Substrate
    Ready to plant, substrate is down as follows: 1 1/2" at the front, sloping gradually to 3"+ at the back (average depth about 2 1/4"). The tank is 24" front to back. The slope is for visual effect. I'm hoping plants towards the front don't require a full 3", and midground plants won't root as...
  3. Substrate
    Anyone out there use or used flora max by itself or with soil or any other substrate mix containing flora max? I just wanna know how the plants did, and what's the thickness it was laid down at? What plants did u plant in it?
  4. Substrate
    How thick a substrate to plant glossostigma, the normal 3" or less? The plants I got are about 6" long, can I cut the stem shorter an will it grow back if I cut it should I cut the top or bottom?
1-4 of 4 Results