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  1. Low Tech Forum
    Hi all, I'm a complete newbie and just wanted to get some fish but also experiment a bit with some easy-to-grow plants in the tank. I got a 5 gallon tank with filter, lights (enough for low to medium light plants), and heater. I filled the bottom with Imagitarium black sand from Petco. Now I'm...
  2. Low Tech Forum
    Excuse me if I seem a bit ignorant about substrate for planted tanks, I'm still a newbie. I've been looking at Youtube tutorials, so basically most people buy Fluorite substrate or something else off Amazon, put tab fertilizer and a Co2 provider. Amazon do not ship to Lebanon, so I'm stuck with...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    hello to the forum and have a question for all you planted tank goes, i have used both flourite and black sand as substrate for planted tanks in the past with excellent results. my question is would it be a good idea to use flourite as base layer with sand as top layer...
  4. Substrate
    Does anyone know where I can buy black blaster say in the Bay Area? I would like to try either Black Diamond or Black Beauty. thanks, Dep
1-4 of 4 Results