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  1. Fish
    On Monday I bought a Scarlet Badis for my 10 gallon. Last night I couldn't find it, but didn't think much of it since it often hides. This morning I still couldn't find it. The back of the tank is about 5" form the wall so I took my camera (phone) and shot a video of it. Here are the last 6...
  2. Fish
    I came home tonight and my harlequin rasbora's mouth was stuck open. Still swimming ok and looked to be interested in food-- though I don't know how well he could eat. I will post some pictures from my dropbox: I posted a Youtube video with...
  3. Equipment
    Ok so i was out diggin around in the shed when I came across this lil beauty my dad had for his old reef tank: Kent Marine Maxxima Hi-S: 4 stage RO/DI unit with clear canisters Hi-S High Silicate Removal membrane 1 micron sediment filter Solid block carbon prefilter High Silicate removal dual...
1-3 of 3 Results