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  1. Fish
    I'm working on setting up a 6 gal tank that I've had and would like to have a betta. I know not to get any form PetSmart, and have yet to ask how they care for them at my LFS Pets Supplies Plus but from what Ie've seen they do look healthier then those at PetSmart. I was wondering if anyone...
  2. Connecticut
    Looking for some good stores for plants. All Pets seems to have the best selection and prices that ive found. Any other stores that anyone knows of? Anything in NY or MA either? Also any good stores for nano fish? Blakes has alot of shrimp but not a ton of nano fish.
  3. California
    A&P Tropical Fish - Long Beach, CA Hi all! Just thought I'd share this little gem of a ghetto aquarium shop. Not the best neighborhood, no, and not the nicest aesthetics, but they have a WONDERFUL selection of saltwater fish, freshwater fish, live rock, driftwood, water treatments...
  4. Equipment
    I'm looking for a 2-5 gallon tank (filtered). Any suggestions? I can buy online or at a store.
  5. Canada
    Hey, so ive been looking for plants everywhere, and cant find any variety. I love in Ottawa Ontario, and there are a few pet store like petsmart and bigals, but they have a very small selection of plants. Ive been looking online too but the shipping and handling for some of them are ridiculous...