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  1. Plants
    Hello, everyone. Quick question. Do rotala rotundifolia plants only produce new leaves at the tips? I just planted some in my tank a few days ago. I do see some growth at the tips of the plants, but nothing from the main stem. I have fertilizers, high-lighting, and CO2 injection.
  2. Plants
    Hey guys, I just noticed my water wisteria stems are turning a tee brown, one stem was really brown and I just tossed it but another is browning as well. I recently trimmed it so could that be the problem? Furthermore these cloudy orbs are in my aquarium and I'm wondering if there's anyway to...
  3. Massachusetts
    U know tha deal A come n get it roak to the first 3. Got some plants, mixed moses good for shrimp tanks or split up a bit and go from there. Right now got 3 pkgs each pkg very good starting size TRUST WHEN I SAY THIS! Giant Duckweed Amazon Frogbit Sunset Hygrow Rotala Bengladesh Java Ferns An...
1-3 of 33 Results