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  1. Plants
    Hello, In my tank Rotala H'Ra old leaves are melting. I have attached few images of the plants. I'm Unable to find the reason for this. Could you please help me. Tank Size: 3ftx1.5ftx1.5ft Temperature: 27-28C(82-84F) Fertilizer: Tropica Specialized Fertilizer(I'm Adding 8 Pumps(16ml) after...
  2. Plants
    I have a question that’s been irritating me for about two weeks now. Everything was going great and my mermaid weed was growing like crazy but about two weeks ago I’ve noticed parts of the stem Turing black and eventually falling off, especially on the new baby stems growing in. Has anyone ever...
  3. Plants
    Could someone ID these plants? I know that I have a crypt and a java fern but more exact names? Also the name of this stem plant, thnx :grin2: (Sorry, I couldn't rotate the images..)
  4. Plants
    Can anyone ID this plant? Picked up a few stems of it, because I was very struck by the leaves and had store credit to burn anyway.
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello all! First off let me say Hi and thanks for having me. Been in the planted tank hobby about 7 months now and just joined the forum. After many times reading up on some of your threads during research, i finally just bit the bullet and joined. So, thanks for having me! Secondly, I have...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey guys, Debating whether to get some nerites to help with the brown algae in my 2 month old tank. The thing is, i have a lot of 'skinny' plants that i feel the nerite wont be able to climb on (Stem plants and vals) . . Will the nerite be able to get on them? Are they too heavy or too big...
  7. Plants
    Hi guys, I got a couple stems of this plant with my shrimp in the mail. It's since spread itself all over my tank, and it's cool but I have no idea what it is. I was thinking pearl weed perhaps?
  8. Plants
    Hello everyone. My friends and I are baffled in trying to figure out the name of this plant. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we haven't been able to figure this one out...
  9. Plants
    Im just trying to figure out what plants these are so i can see if i can purchase them? These look like pennywort to me but these grow like this an pennywort grows different. This stuff looks like moss but if u look u can see it has roots, the only thing i can think of is, Lilaeopsis Mauritiana.
  10. Plants
    Hello everyone! A post about a colorful Mayaca species is up on my blog AquaBiota! Here is an excerpt of what you’ll find there, for the rest click on the link below! Thank you for taking the time to check out this post ☺ Enjoy! Inspire91 Whenever you think of Mayaca, what characteristics...
  11. Low Tech Forum
    Looking for a low-light/no CO2 stem plant with smallish leaves that would look nice and bushy in the corner of a 2.5 gallon nano. What's everyone's favorite?
1-11 of 13 Results