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  1. Tank Journals
    Another Journal? YUP :big grin: I had a 12g Eclipse tank that I was using for a quarantine in the kitchen and to be quite frank, it was ugly as heck so I decided to try something different. I decided on an ADA45P and wanted to utilize moss and some other plants I haven't used before. I've...
  2. Tank Journals
    Hi everyone I am new to the Planted Tank forums. I live in Canada where a lot of supplies are limited or more expensive therefore I decided to do this tank after a trip to the states. :smile: I will be trying some plants I have never used before therefore this tank is purely experimental. I...
  3. Plants
    So I got a gel pack of Staurogyne repens from Petsmart on 8/18, started tank on same day. The plants were doing fine until yesterday when leaves started popping off. I didn't fertilize initially due to algae concerns. But I added about 1mL of Flourish today. Here are the stats on my...
  4. Florida
    Anybody in Miami with some staurogyne repens interested in selling me a small portion? Let me know pleace.
  5. Plants
    I need to trim the tank soon. Im new with Staurogyne so im seeking some advices. Whats the best method to trim Staurogyne? The older leaves at the bottom are affected with Green Spot Algae and im thinking of trimming it down right to the ground, do they react well to heavy trimming? How to...
  6. Planted Nano Tanks
    FTS 6/07/13 Past Scape 5/31/13 Past Scape 5/07/13 Past Scape 4/25/13 Tank: Do!aqua 45x24x30cm (8 Gallon) Filter: Cascade 500 Canister Filter Substrate: Amazonia Aqua Soil Lighting: Finnex Ray II Ultra Slim LED DS - Dual 7000k 18" CO2: Pressurized 2-3 BPS (Hooked up to a reactor) Ferts...
41-46 of 62 Results