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star grass

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    Some of my leafs look pretty ruff but I have been cutting and replanting very often. 9 gal fluval flex stock light and filter dose co2 and tropical premium nutrition and seachem root tabs.
    GONE to a good home. Mostly Ludwigia Cuba and Ludwidia Aromatica. Probably Star Grass, Mayaca, and whatever else I fish out. Cuba does need a 18++" tank, high light etc. Plan to allocate ~5+ in2 per plant. Larger box $10 shipped. First come first served.
    -----------------------------CLOSED------------------------------------ Just trimmed a bucket of Star Grass (they are growing so fast, and healthy). I may be able to give out 4-5 people as a starter kit (3-5 stems) Shipping is 6$ for priority mail through paypal and PM me for availability...
1-3 of 3 Results