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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi Fish Friends, Just inherited a 20 gallon long tank from a friend. Put in a bunch of sturdy plants and a DIY CO2 pump. I've been cycling with 3 neon tetras for a week. At the behest of my aquarium retailer, I've also been using a product called Stability, which I've also been using for about...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Additional to my previous post on pH, kH etc, I just wanted to ask what people think about our tank's cycling process. Sorry if it's a stupid question, it's our first planted tank! We have a 580L tank that's been going for about 5 weeks. From day 1 we had 2 radion xr30w, aquamedic co2, substrate...
1-2 of 2 Results