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  1. Plants
    Hi, any help for this would be appreciated, im currently doing things to whittle down the list of things this could be. specs: 60+l capacity, probably 55l of water -nicrew RGB 24/7 v2 22inch -fluval stratum -excel 2ml daily as of pics but doing 4ml daily now (plant growth) -TNC complete 5ml...
  2. Fish
    Just picked up 5 dwarf honey gouramis for my tank, and I noticed that a couple have little brown spots that appear to be under their skin. Currently have them in a little hanging quarantine tank. Any idea what these spots are? Some kind of parasite? Is it safe to add them to the aquarium?
  3. Plants
    Hi there, I acquired a tiny 3 gallon planted freshwater tank from a neighbor. I had to wipe it clean because it was infested with snails. I've had a new one up and running for about 3 weeks now. I've got 2 nerite snails, 1 cory, and 5 cherry shrimp. I have a few baby plants, as well as a...
  4. Plants
    Hi guys, I am struggling with older leaves where I get pinholes, and then the leaves will slowly die off. However, no issues with new growth and certain plants. Pictures attached below. Plants I struggle with (should be the easy ones) - Moneywort (when the leaves gets bigger, they get...
  5. Algae
    I'm currently dosing excel every other day and flourish once a week with my water change. The first two pictures are the state of the anubias and java fern before I rubbed the growth off, and the following pictures are what remains after I finished removing the growth. I'm not able to remove all...
1-5 of 5 Results