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  1. Fish
    Hey guys. I just got gifted a 55 gal tank with current residents of a huge pleco and a red tailed shark. Now... it's nice cause these two fish have been actually in my life for at least six or seven years, really since I've been going to this person's house visiting her daughter. :) The pleco...
  2. Fish
    Can anyone identify what the illness might be on this tetra. Its visible all the way through and a little swollen. Not an open sore. Ideas?
  3. Fish
    -- NEW VIDEO 6/22 -- I'm trying to get a better pic here but she's making it difficult. I was thinking *maybe* ICh but those aren't white Spots, they look like a white tumor or a leech or something, the white...
  4. Algae
    hi im relativley new to planted tanks, this 15 gallon is my first attempt at a planted tank and has been running for about 6 months now. ive been through heaps of algae blooms but i havnt had anything like that for months now other than this green spotty algae. its the only type of algae i...
1-4 of 5 Results