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spikey moss
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  1. For Sale/Trade
    EDIT: Lower Price Hello Everyone! I've got a bunch of healthy Spikey Moss up for grabs and a generous golf-ball portion of Healthy Flame Moss from my 20Gal high-light, CO2 injected tank. All shipping is $7.00 Priority! I ship, Mondays,Tues, Weds and Saturdays. I don't use heat-packs so mind...
  2. Tank Journals
    Another Journal? YUP :big grin: I had a 12g Eclipse tank that I was using for a quarantine in the kitchen and to be quite frank, it was ugly as heck so I decided to try something different. I decided on an ADA45P and wanted to utilize moss and some other plants I haven't used before. I've...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    I'm running out of room! Plants are taking over and I dont wanna get another tank, as my little dorm room already has 5 tanks surrounding all walls! :biggrin: Minimum Purchase of $10 please. PayPal only. Shipping starts at USPS Priority $7. Mind your weather, I will not be responsible...
1-3 of 3 Results