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  1. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    For those of you that have dream blue velvet shrimps, how can you tell that a female is berried? The shrimps on this image are really dark and makes me wonder how you'd be able to tell if they're with eggs or not.
  2. Photography
    hi all, just wanted to share a few pics from the other day. thanks for taking a look!
  3. Massachusetts
    Jus wondering if anyone out there in the boston area wanted to mate their Female boesemani rainbow fish, i have some males an will be getting females or a mix soon. In the mean time if someone wanted to have babies so they dont have to buy em jus PM me? Heres a pic of my males as u can see they...
  4. Fish
    Hello, I recently bred my albino bristlenose plecos. Both parents are very nice looking albinos. However all of the fry came out as normal bristlenose which is still very cool but I wasn't expecting this. Not one albino! How long should I wait to move the father back to the main tank? If I spawn...
  5. Fish
    Kept three zebra danio in this 2 gal for not even a week a little while back. Was peeking in there today, trying to look for the shrimp I put in there, when instead I found this little bugger! A single little fry! The parents are danio that I accidentally bred and purposefully raised...
  6. Fish
    So I've been conditioning my pygmy corys for spawning for a couple weeks and they are all fat and sleek. I had planned to do a cold water change this weekend to induce breeding. If they do spawn, I'll move the eggs from my 55 to my 2.5 gallon fry tank. Here's the complication: on Tuesday I...
  7. Fish GBR pair has spawned.. their 1st spawn was unsuccessful..this is their 2nd want some advise!! i have a couple of questions: 1) should i keep lights on in night?? may be some kind of moon light or very low light 2) should i feed them anything extra special? any more advise will...
  8. Fish
    So I have a trio of cories that I got from a coworker of mine who got them less than a year ago, they were not keep under the best conditions. But i took them anyway and added them to a 10g that I just recently put some shrimp in anyways and on to the question. They spawn all the time after...
1-8 of 9 Results