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  1. Equipment
    I replaced my CO2 tank (sodastream) a few days before I went on a 2 week vacation, and have come back to it running slowly and somewhat inconsistently. It was running fine before I left. I walked over to it a minute ago and found no bubbles running and then all of a sudden loads came out...
  2. Equipment
    I bought an upgrade (diy kit with solenoid and needle valve from for my Oxyturbo (single stage) regulator. The co2 manifold needs a 1/8"MPT nipple in order to connect to my regulator. I can't figure out what thread size I need on the side of my regulator. It's smaller than...
  3. Equipment
    I've pulled out all my equipment that was last in use 7 years ago or so. My Clippard solenoid isn't completely shutting off... actually, it may never have really worked as intended. Anyway, what's the standard for solenoids today? Preferably one that won't melt itself from the inside out...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I'm looking to set up a CO2 system using sodastream bottles (It seems like a good medium between disposable systems and full size systems). Do I need a dual stage regulator to prevent end of tank dump? Single stage ones are much cheaper and was wondering if I could get away with using one but...
  5. Equipment
    MY SETUP : Dennerle Nano 10 liters---( co2 bomb - citric acid+baking soda) ---> (On/Of Solenoid +programmable socket)--->(glass check valve)--->(glass bubble counter)-->(co2 flow regulator)--->(ceramic diffuser). PROBLEM :So i made a schedule 1 hour before lights are on to start the co2 but...
    Hi, I am looking for a mid-range dual stage C02 regulator + solenoid. Can anyone offer a price on custom build? I am open to retail/pre-built/used if anyone is interested in selling a a GLA or similar caliber C02 reg. Many thanks!
  7. For Sale/Trade
    I recently bought some regulators and had some extra parts laying around so I built some nice setups. This one is a Matheson dual stage regulator (model 3104C used previously for oxygen), solenoid, swagelok SS high precision needle valve, and output fittings. Can add on a bubble counter for...
  8. For Sale/Trade
    Ive got a couple fisher scientific dual stage regulators with clippard mme-2QDS 110V solenoids, needle valve, and fittings. The solenoids are brand new and already wired up. These were built for people locally but fell through. One of the high pressure gauges was replaced on one of the...
    I am looking for someone selling a Clippard mouse solenoid already wired. I would prefer it including the 15490-2 manifold, but it is not required. Thanks! Ben
  10. Equipment
    I have done some reading lately on this lovely site and many people have said that the Burkert Solenoid is a good choice for a Co2 setup, and there are others as well. I have also gathered that because of the very very slow flow of the "fluid" we are using, these solenoids have a heat issue...
  11. DIY
    hi guys i recently bought the fluval 20g co2 kit i wanted to go ahead and add a pressure gauge and solenoid i can later order a paintball tank and add on as i go but im still looking for a co2 source and im itching to aquascape!! im pretty sure i need a T connector but does anyone know which...
  12. For Sale/Trade
    Hello, for sale is an Aquatic Life Co2 Regulator with lighted solenoid. The regulator and solenoid both work great and I have had no issues with them. This is a nice compact unit for those of you looking to save space in your cabinet. Includes all the original papers and box. I can throw in a...
  13. WTB/RAOK
    Hello, I recently had a solenoid fail on me so I'm looking for one to replace it. If anyone has one to sell that is wired already and has all the connections (1/8" FNPT) and the manifold at a reasonable price that would be great. Also possibly interested in a decent needle valve. Thanks.
  14. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hi, When my solenoid block the CO2 at night, after some hours the drop checker become blue. So it's mean that my co2 level not stable? Or this is normal situation and won't promote algae? My lighting schedule 2pm to 9pm. My co2 schedule from 7am to 9pm. When the light on, the drop checker...
  15. Equipment
    Picked up a Red Sea CO2 Pro System and want to get a solenoid. Does anyone have any guidance or recommendation on what to purchase? Do I have to get the Red Sea solenoid or can I buy a generic one? Please help.
  16. Equipment
    I am wanting to get a ph controller but the solenoid I have is normally closed. The one I was looking at is milwaukee MC122. I want it to shut off the gas if the CO2 gets too high. Will this work for my set up?
  17. -

    For the last 2 months or so my Aquatek solenoid is not closing all the way or something when it shuts off. The CO2 still flows, an it is becoming frustrating. I've gotten nowhere with Aquatek's customer service after I told them I bought the unit in December and I'm well out of the lame 90 day...
  18. WTB/RAOK
    Looking for a decenent solenoid for my next regulator build. Please PM me with what you got.
  19. For Sale/Trade
    Brand new never used bought it as spares when I had my planted tank. These are very high quality parts. Burkert 2822 stainless 24V DC Parker H3L metering valve $110 for both( will ship to the United States only and I do take paypal) price includes shipping and paypal fees to make it easy...
1-19 of 45 Results