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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi Masters of Aquatic Lore, Ive been fascinated reading all I can find about the algae scrubbers. The concept of intentionally growing algae in a place seperate from but connected to the aquarium (as in a sump) so as to soak up nitrates and phosphates etc is especially amazing when you consider...
  2. Substrate
    Been pricing and shopping around for a black substrate as I get ready to re-set up my 55 gallon again tank. I am set on a black substrate but the idea of 150 dollars for eco complete makes that a show stopper. Has anyone tried the 5 gallon bucket from
  3. Tank Journals
    Update 4/3: Here are a couple full tank shots. 12/07 - 4/08 Stand and specs are here. Read on through the journal if you're bored. Got a free 65gl tank and driftwood from some old lady's back yard, will make a great grow out for my angelfish. The plan is an SA biotope (edit 12/29; that's no...
1-3 of 4 Results