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snails and shrimp

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  1. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I would like to add some type of snail to my shrimp tank. Ive done a good amount of research on my own but i think it would be useful tog get some opinions of people who have seen the tank. I attached a picture of my shrimp tank, it is heavily carpeted with hygrophilia polysperma, i know they...
  2. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hi all, This is my first post here, so please go easy on me :smile2: I have a 10 gal low tech planted tank with 9 cardinal tetras and about 25 red cherry shrimps/crystal black shrimp. Recently I bought some plants from a local fish store and a few days later I found two cute looking snails...
  3. Tank Journals
    This is my 40 gallon acrylic tank, it has immovable dividers so I decided stocking it with small nano sized fishies I have had it going for over a month now the water turned out to be very hard so I was unable to stocking it with the fish I planned to get- small tetras, rosboras, pygmy corrys...
  4. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I'm new to inverts, and I'm looking for a good shrimp/snail for my 2.5 gallon planted betta tank. Early on I tested my betta Oberon's compatibility with some ghost shrimp and he chased them a bit when I fist added them, but then lost interest, so I know now that he is shrimp safe. They didn't...
  5. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I have recently noticed about 5-6 clear spotted snails have just shown up in my tank and I can't figure out what they are. Please help me. I try and post a picture tomorrow
  6. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I have a breeding colony of about 15 yellow shrimp. I've only had them for a week or so and already several females are berried. I want to add a few snails to eat some algae, and because I like how they look. Does anyone know if the snails are any danger to baby shrimp? It seems like it...
  7. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I caught one of my assassins eating one of my blue pearl shrimp a few minutes ago. It was pretty crazy. Too late to save the shrimp by the time I caught it. The snail had already wrapped its foot around the body. The blue pearls were all healthy so I'm sure it wasn't dead (I don't have that...
1-7 of 7 Results