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  1. Substrate
    Hello, new to planted tanks and redoing the substrate in my 72 gallon bow from huge gravel to dirt/STS. I was originally going to do 1'' dirt, 1'' STS, and 2'' of fine gravel, but I cant find affordable gravel anywhere. I was wondering if I could just cap it with STS? Im worried that it will be...
  2. Substrate
    I know that Soilmaster Select (which I think is no longer produced in gray) used to pull down kH significantly for a lot of folks. Does Turface Pro League pull down kH? One experienced hobbyist in my local club said it doesn't; some old listerv posts said it doesn't; and then recently some...
  3. Substrate
    Been pricing and shopping around for a black substrate as I get ready to re-set up my 55 gallon again tank. I am set on a black substrate but the idea of 150 dollars for eco complete makes that a show stopper. Has anyone tried the 5 gallon bucket from
1-3 of 3 Results