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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello everyone, i'm new here, while i'm not a newbie fishkeeper, but this is my first planted tank, so i need A LOT of advise to prevent unecssary lost this weekend i want to start a new project, i want to made a self-sufficient shrimp tank, it'll have plants, shrimps, snails etc in it, its...
  2. Equipment
    I started using purigen a little while ago with good results. The time came to recharge my first bag and I ran into a hitch. I'm well aware that I need to soak it in Prime water until the bleach smell is gone. My problem is that after doing that I can't rinse it enough to get rid of a strong...
  3. Substrate
    My last venture into the realm of low tech planted tanks came to a frustrating end when I stirred my substrate. I'd had the tank running for about one year. The substrate was simply pool filter sand (probably 1mm to 3mm in size) and was about 2" deep. It was sparsely planted, but the plants...
1-3 of 3 Results