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  1. Equipment
    So as it stands I have my new 75 gallon tank up and cycling. Fx4 with a fx6 output nozzle to reduce the flow, eheim thermocontrol e200. I put a a used foam filter and ceramic media from one of my ac70’s from my current 37 gallon to help boost the cycling process. Water is clear but notice...
  2. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    It is an assortment of semi-random saltwater stuff that I do not need. Included: pH 8.4: Very lightly used. Raises pH to 8.4 and stabalises it, which is ideal for the reef aquarist. There is about 300ML(about 12 oz.) total of it. Retails for $13. Instant Ocean Aquarium Sea salt. 3 lbs. Retails...
1-2 of 2 Results