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  1. For Sale/Trade
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  2. Equipment
    Does anyone have any experience/critiques of a Co2 Reactor & Planted Aquarium Surface Film Skimmer? I am thinking about installing one for the increased surface agitation and CO2 disbursement. I have a 90G, 24x48, so limited surface area. I am planning on putting it opposite the intake/outake...
  3. Equipment
    Hi all, I have a 10 gallon that I'm putting together right now and I would like to switch to an Aquaclear filter and I would like to add a skimmer attachment if possible. I would like the smallest option available so I can keep equipment to a minimum foot print in the tank. I have another 10...
  4. Equipment
    Hello all, I've yet to find a direct answer to this and any related information I have found has been conflicting so here goes. I have an 18" glass cube (25gal) that I'm looking to set up, the materials for which I am starting to acquire. I'm looking into glassware for the inflow/outflow and...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all, I've got a Spec V shrimp tank that, lately, has been having a film over the top of it. It's planted, about 40 shrimp, couple pieces of driftwood, injected CO2, finnex planted plus 24/7, aquasoil, ~10 day 50% water changes. I'm really not sure whats happening. None of my other tanks have...
  6. Equipment
    I hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas! This is my first post here, but about my thousandth visit! I am so grateful for all of the shared expertise and experience on the part of you faithful aquarists. I'd like to start off my activity with a thank you for all of the time you all spend...
  7. Equipment
    Is anybody on this forum familiar with the Rio 90 Power CO2+ Reactor & Surface Skimmer? Just saw this online and am now considering purchasing it but would love to hear some feedback about it before I spend any money... Here is the link: TAAM, Aquarium Products Thanks! Matt M.
  8. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    aquaclear 50 with fliter attachment CLEANED AND 100% working for 30 dollars PICKED UP or 40-45 dollars shipped havent checked yet. FLUVAL 303 with flow controls but no tubing and output nor inputs. it works initially but it slows down later on. 30 dollars for parts or just whatever. (price is...
1-8 of 9 Results